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3D Dot Game Heroes
3D Dot Game Heroes.jpg
North American box art
Developer(s) Silicon Studio
Publisher(s) Japan: From Software
North America: Atlus
Europe: SouthPeak Games
Released Japan: November 5, 2009
North America: May 11, 2010
Europe: May 14, 2010
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player
Ratings CERO: A
ESRB: E10+
PEGI: 7+
USK: 6
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Media Blu-ray Disc
Input methods Gamepad

3D Dot Game Heroes is a 2009/2010 action-adventure PS3-exclusive video game developed by Silicon Studio and published by From Software (Japan), Atlus (North America), and SouthPeak Games (Europe). The game uses a unique style, presenting it's visuals in 2D retro-style graphics mixed with a 3D environment. The release dates for the game are:

  • 5 November 2009 (Japan)
  • 11 May 2010 (North America)
  • 14 May 2010 (Europe)


The gameplay in 3D Dot Game Heroes is strongly based on games from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, and is strongly influenced by Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

The characters move from screen to screen- battling enemies, solving puzzles, exploring dungeons, and collecting items via gameplay reminiscent of the classic video games of the past.

Weapons and Items

The player's sword can grow to extraordinary sizes as they progress through the story. Most of the swords can be customized and leveled up to increase its length, width, strength and more. Other special items may be obtained through out the game such as Candles, Boomerangs, Bows, and Lanterns.

Sprite Editor feature[]

Players can choose to create a custom character model using the game's featured 3D sprite editor. Players can also "Book" monsters in their in-game Bestiary (requires the player to get it first) by beating them on the head with it repeatedly until the monster gets "Booked".

Loading screens in-game feature re-created box art of classic video games, such as Wolfenstein 2D, using the game's 2D sprites.


The kingdom found in the game was once a 2D pixelated world but as the King of the Land felt that sprites were outdated he thus decreed for the kingdom to make the switch to 3D. This caused the entire world to become 3D while still retaining its original pixelated look.

The game follows the hero on a quest to rid Dotnia Kingdom of a dark plague caused by the forces of evil in order to restore peace to the land. Legend tells of an evil king known as the Dark King Onyx who brought tragedy and darkness to the kingdom by stealing six magical orbs. However a hero rose up against the Dark King and with his legendary sword as well as the power of the orbs, he sealed Onyx away within another orb. However, the forces of evil rose again as the Dark Bishop Fuelle stole the orb and threw the Kingdom of Dotnia into a state of chaos once more. The game's main protagonist is the grandchild of the brave hero who sealed away the Dark King and thus is entrusted with the responsibility to save the land.

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