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It is possible to obtain an ending different from that of the normal games ending. In the normal ending of 3D Dot Game Heroes, you save the kingdom of Dotnia and restore peace. However, Princess Iris is never returned. If you save all three fairies they reform. However, in the scene where Fuelle attacks the sages, the princess is split back into the faries until the last boss is defeated.

The Fairy Sue[]

Sue is one of the three fairies in the game. She is part of the princess. She has been hidden in a chest in the island cave west of Ortego. Going straight west of Ortego will take you to some cliffy islands. Following this path will take you to a large cove with a mountainous island in the center. Going slightly north of this isle will take you crevice between two sides of the ridge surrounding the island. To cross this crevice, you need the Wire Rod. Afterwards, you will see several Dead Trees, which you need the Fire Rod to burn past. Following this path south will lead to a bridge. This will lead to an opening in the cliff face which will take you into the island. Inside you will need a 3 Colored Keys (one of each) to pass through this mini-dungeon or the Super Key. A disembodied voice asks you a trivia question, if Indigo is the Grass Sage. Answer "no" and move on to a chest with Sue the Fairy inside. Sue will Join you on you quest.

The Fairy Ai[]

Ai is another one of the three fairies in the game.