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Ancient Sword
Ancient Sword Attack.jpg


  • Max Potential - 2300 G
  • Length - 0 Stars (upgradable to 5(75 G))
  • Width - 0 Stars (upgradable to 5(75 G))
  • Strength - 3 Stars (upgradable to 9(250 G))
  • Spin - 1 Star
  • Beam - n/a
  • Pierce - 0 Stars (upgradable to 1(400 G))
  • Special - n/a


"The sword carried by a legendary hero."

Ancient Sword is a weapon item and the default sword obtained at the beginning of 3D Dot Game Heroes.

How to obtain[]

The Ancient Sword is acquired at the forest, north of the Castle as part of the storyline when beginning the game.


The Ancient Sword is weak in attack but is stronger than the Sword.

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