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Bomb is an item which is used to blow up cracks in dungeon walls. It can be used to find entrances which lead to other rooms, and they may also blow up certain areas [Clarify] to reveal caves. They may also be used to damage and defeat enemies. The Demolotionist trophy requires players to defeat a foe with a bomb. The number of bombs which are able to be carried is determined by which Bomb Sack is owned by the Hero.

Carrying capacity[]

The Bomb Sack starting carrying capacity of 10. Upgrades to the Bomb Sack can be purchased in two locations.

  • An upgrade to (20) inside of the Desert Temple for 200 Gol, an upgrade to (30) from the Flame Temple for 200 Gol, and a final upgrade to (40) from the Wind Temple for 200 Gol. [Clarify]


Bomb's may be obtained in several ways such as:

Defeating monsters[]

Purchasing from shops[]

Location Bomb (1) Bomb (10) Bomb (30)
Raejack Village 5 G 45 G 120 G
Jim's Shack 10 G 90 G 250 G