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The Arrow is a bow that consumes arrows. It can be obtained after the completion of the Grass Temple in the beginning of the game for 30 Gol. It is useful for sniping and opening certain rooms in temples that require you to hit a target sign to unlock a door.

The arrows for the bow can be bought from every weapon vendor in amounts of (1), (10), (30), and (99). Originally the arrow capacity is (15) but a cave west from the Grass Temple allows you to upgrade your quiver capacity to (30), (60), and (99) for the price of 200 Gol each time. The Bullseye! Trophy requires you to defeat a for with a bow. This item can also be found as loot and dropped by varies enemies.

Enemies inlcude:

Killer Bee, Dark Worm, Dark Goble, Centathrow, and the Dark Scorpion.

Location Arrow (1) Arrow (10) Arrow (30) Arrow (99)
Raejack Village 1 G 8 G 20 G 50 G
Jim's Shack 5 G 45 G 100 G 300 G