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Colneria Village is a tropical city toward the middle of Dotnia Kingdom. It is the housing of Sage Ohtu, and relies on a population of fish, supplied by the Aqua Temple.


After the player beats the Desert Temple and finds the third sage, she suggests going to the Aqua Temple down to the south of Dotnia. To get there, the player must pass Colneria Village.

When the player and thier trusty fairy Lee reach Colneria, they see the village starving because of a lack of catchable fish, supposedly due to the Kraken's takeover of the Aqua Temple.

If the player enters a house on the northeastern side of the village, they meet the fourth Sage Ohtu, who confirms the village's status. She seems a lot younger and much different from the other sages the player and Lee met before, however she still cares for the village of Colneria greatly and asks the hero to gather the Blue Orb and defeat the monsters in the Aqua Temple.

After the player completes the Aqua Temple and returns to Colneria, they see it is no longer lacking in fish. However, when they try and recieve thier magic from the fourth sage, she finds herself lacking in power to do so. Lee suggests meditation, but that doesn't work for her either. Ohtu then states she heard that power can be released through self-stimulus - asking the player to stab her until the magic comes out, something Lee is very reluctant to do at first.

Ultimately, Ohtu barely makes it, but just in time (and without her untimely death), Ohtu gives the player the Freeze, a Shader Magic. After that, Ohtu suggests the Flame Temple to the north, at the top of Klovis Volcano.


The Rare Fish[]

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After beating the Aqua Temple, go back to Colneria Village and speak to one of the male villagers. He will reward you with the Rare Fish sword (???), which can later be upgraded at Raejack.


  • Colneria is a misspelling of the Final Fantasy town and castle of "Cornelia" with the "l" and "r" reversed. Not suprisingly, "Cornelia" is also located by the sea.