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FROM Mode is a mode of Difficulty named after 3D Dot Game Heroes developer, FROM software.

It's in game description states: "This mode is not for the faint of heart"

Changes in difficulty[]

The main changes that take place in this mode:

  • Dialogue -
    • Several NPC's [Clarify] will state that "this is your second time through" and will joke about it.
  • Enemy amounts -
    • The amount of enemies per area is significantly increased, for example instead of seeing 2-3 trees in an area, the player might see 10. [Clarify]
  • Enemy Types -
    • There will no longer be a clear distinction in enemy habitats or origins [Clarify]
    • Dungeon-only enemies will appear on the map in many places and in often very challenging layouts.
  • Rare enemy appearances -
    • Blue Dragon and Crystal Slime appearance rates are much higher, sometimes appearing consecutively throughout many areas of the over world map.
  • Spelunker! - A new NPC, the Spelunker explorer (simply named Spelunker) will appear in the upper left area of the world map on the way to one of Sir Signe's signs. If the player helps him overcome his predicament, they will be awarded with a small event, a trophy and the ability to play Spelunker mode directly from the Main menu.

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