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A shield that protects you from fire attacks.

How to get[]

This can be done at any time after you have gotten the "Spring Rod", but is better to get after defeating the aqua temple and going to the fire temple. it is also better to do this while going to the fire temple because the boss at the end of it becomes really easy.

  1. Go to Jim's Shack and talk to the guy to the right in the back room, he will say you have a nice shield but he can upgrade it for a specific stone.
  2. you can find this stone at the entrance of the fire temple, before going in go to the left and you should see a really red/pinkish rock, go near it and search. (also, to the left is a wall that can be blown up to find a fairy fountain)
  3. you should get the stone and then you need to go back down. (use a sleeping bag or a tent to save the place to easily get back up)
  4. After going back down talk to the man again in Jim's Shack, he should upgrade the shield you have right now to the Fire Shield.