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The Forest of no return

The Forest Of No Return is first encountered when heading towards the Forest Temple. It's name is given due to heading the wrong direction will cause you to start right at the beginning of the area. It can be found to the right of Wanda's House


When first entering the Forest Of No Return, look to the left to find the Large Tablet Wall. Use Parallax Map to reveal the guide through the forest(Map). From the giant Parallax structure, go north, east, north, west, west, and north. In this area of the woods, there is a Small Block. Now go south 3 times and open the chest for a Magic Up. Now north, west, and north again to find Indigo the Sage.

Game Reference[]

  • The Forest Of No Return has the same concept as the "Lost Woods" in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

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