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Gorgon Sword


  • Max Potential - 5800 G
  • Length - 0 Stars (upgradable to 6(100 G))
  • Width - 0 Stars (upgradable to 7(100 G))
  • Strength - 5 Stars (upgradable to 9(440 G))
  • Spin - 1 Stars
  • Beam - n/a
  • Pierce - n/a
  • Special - 1 Stars (upgradable to 5(800 G))


"A cursed sword that petrifies monsters."

Gorgon Sword is a sword item that has a special power which converts enemies into paralyzed, invulnerable grey statues for a short period of time when it hits them, however this does not damage or kill them. Upgrading its Special ability [Clarify] makes the enemy remain in statue form for a longer period of time. [Clarify]


This item can be acquired from King Block for 5 Small Blocks at sector A3.

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