The Grass Temple

Grass Temple is the first temple which the Hero visits in 3D Dot Game Heroes.The player is introduced to a number of game mechanics here, such as the first example of movable blocks in simple puzzles. They will also receive their first Sub weapon item, the Boomerang.

Hidden Life Shard Edit

There is a locked Red door here which may be opened by using a key of the corresponding color. These may be found within temples or purchased for 1000 Gol at Jim's Shack If a player has the Super Key which opens all of the doors, it is unnecessary to find a colored key.

Inside the room behind this door lies a life shard.

Boss fight Edit

The boss in the Grass Temple is a giant snake called Eelagon.

After defeating the boss, the Hero rescues the sage Indy and ges the Yellow Orb.

Grass Temple

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