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The Grass Temple

Grass Temple is the first temple which the Hero visits in 3D Dot Game Heroes.The player is introduced to a number of game mechanics here, such as the first example of movable blocks in simple puzzles. They will also receive their first Sub weapon item, the Boomerang.

Hidden Life Shard[]

There is a locked Red door here which may be opened by using a key of the corresponding color. These may be found within temples or purchased for 1000 Gol at Jim's Shack If a player has the Super Key which opens all of the doors, it is unnecessary to find a colored key.

Inside the room behind this door lies a life shard.

Boss fight[]

The boss in the Grass Temple is a giant snake called Eelagon.

After defeating the boss, the Hero rescues the sage Indy and ges the Yellow Orb.

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