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The Hero Shield is the most powerful shield in the game. The Hero Shield is acquired by having at least 4,000 Gold before attempting to get this item.


  1. After beating the Wind Temple, you should be equipped the Fire Shield.
  2. Proceed to Raejack Village where you can talk to Dic to upgrade the Flame Shield to the Bolt Shield, which will cost you 1,000 gold.
  3. From there proceed to Jim's Shack in the Northwest Mountains.
  4. Purchase one of each key types = a Red Key, a Green Key, and a Blue Key. These will cost you 1,000 gold a piece.
  5. Proceed to the Northern swamp.
  6. West of the Dark Tower is a cracked wall that you can blow open using a Bomb.
  7. Proceed through the mini-dungeon to find an adventurer who is interested in your Bolt Shield. (Be warned, this dungeon can be very hard, having atleast 3 dark knights and 1 room with 4 of them and 3 mages)
  8. Trade the Bolt Shield with him in order to receive the Hero Shield.