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The Hero Sword is one of the most powerful swords in the game.

Hero Sword
Hero sword.jpg


  • Max Potential - 7500 G
  • Length - 0 Stars (upgradable to 12(150 G))
  • Width - 0 Stars (upgradable to 12(150 G))
  • Strength - 15 Stars (upgradable to 19(1000 G))
  • Spin - 1 Star
  • Beam - 0 Stars (upgradable to 2)
  • Pierce - 0 Stars (upgradable to 1)
  • Special - n/a


"The legendary sword born anew."


  1. After completing the Flame Temple, you should be equipped with the Flame Wand.
  2. Head towards the graveyard in the southwest corner of the Overworld.
  3. A few dry shrubs are preventing your entrance, use the Flame Wand to burn down these shrubs.
  4. Use the reflect spell to avoid all of the ghosts. Take the time to explore the mini-map.
  5. One grave is not marked on the mini map, push it north and fall in the uncovered hole.
  6. The Ghost of the Ancient Hero will give you the Hero Sword, but you will not own the Ancient Sword any more. The upgrades of the Ancient Sword will be transferred, reducing the potential of the Hero Sword by the amount for the new upgrade cost.

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