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Holy Sword
Holy Sword Attack.jpg


  • Max Potential - 4800 G
  • Length - 0 Stars (upgradable to 9(100 G))
  • Width - 0 Stars (upgradable to 9(100 G))
  • Strength - 7 Stars (upgradable to 16(350 G))
  • Spin - 1 Star
  • Beam - 0 Stars (upgradable to 1(150 G))
  • Pierce - 0 Stars (upgradable to 1(600 G))
  • Special - n/a


"A sword forged with sacred water."

The Holy Sword can be acquired from a cave after acquiring the Wire Rod from the Desert Temple. This is the most powerful sword you can get after the Desert Temple.

How to obtain[]

From EgHeadFool guide

Inside the cave in area G4, between Ortego and the Desert Temple.
For more information, see EgHeadFool guide on the Holy Sword

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