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Indy is the first of the Sages in the game. He is Guardian of the Yellow Orb and patron sage of the Grass Temple. He is responsible for giving the hero the Shader Magic Parallax Map. Indy lives in the Temple, making him the only sage to do so, as all others merely live near their Temple.

After the Temple[]

Once you defeat Eelagon and proceed to the next room, Indy will give you the Yellow Orb and the magic Parallax Map. Indy tells you that the next sage you must find is further east, in the Forest of No Return.

Search for Crimson[]

When Crimson impatiently leaves after waiting for you, he visits Indy. Indy mentions the arrogant sage briefly stopping by. Indy suggests you visit Indigo, who Crimson says he is heading to.

The Light Orb[]

Indy, along with the other sages, comes to the Castle just as Fuelle finishes his attack on the hero. Origin, with the other sages help, combines all six orbs into the Light Orb. Indy uses the Yellow Orb to help with this process. When the hero defeats Dark Lord Onyx and beats the game, Indy, among the other sages, congratulates him/her on this success.

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