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Mech Design Man is an NPC who can first be seen at the Raejack Village Inn at the beginning of the game. If the player does not speak to him before completing the Grass Temple, he will not appear and the opportunity to complete the Dame Design quest will be missed.

Game Design quest[]

The Game Design quest is an optional sidequest. It can be started as soon as the player has completed the tutorial and retrieved the Ancient sword. It involves talking to The Mech Design Man who may be found before at the Raejack Inn.


  • This quest must be started before completing the Grass Temple.
  • Speak to the man found near the beds at the Raejack Village Inn. He will tell you he wants to make a 3D Mech Game.
  • After this he will then for the remainder of the quest be found in the FROM Cave which is located on the path which leads west in area A3.
  • He must be spoken with after clearing each temple.
  • Talking to him after beating Dark Lord Onyx will cause him to give you a special prize.

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