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The Excalibur in action

Swords are the primary weapon and source of offense in 3D Dot Game Heroes. They can be obtained by various means such as completing quests, giving small blocks to King Block, or talking to various people. [Clarify] The sword which the player will begin the game with, the Ancient Sword, is obtained by pulling it out of the ground after defeating the Guardians who protect it.


Swords can be upgraded at Racejack Village's blacksmith. The cost of an upgrade is determined by the sword in question. Upgrades only apply when the player is at full health or under the effect of a power-up. The upgrades are:

  • Length - makes sword longer. Always starts at level 0.
  • Width - makes sword wider. Always starts at level 0.
  • Strength - Makes sword do more damage. Starts at various levels.
  • Spin - Allows player to use spin attack with this sword. Max level is always 1.
  • Beam - Launches a projectile similar to a magic attack, as used by Magi, but of a brown colour. Level 1 launches one forwards, level 2 launches one forwards and two diagonally and level three launches one forwards, two diagonally and two sideways. Not affected by pierce, limited range.
  • Pierce - Allows sword to go through solid objects. Max level is always 1.
  • Special - Only used on swords with special abilities. Empowers that ability if upgraded. Always starts at level 1.
  • Reset - Removes all upgrades for free. Do not use unless you have to.

List of swords[]

There are different swords present in 3D Dot Game Heroes. The featured and used swords are:

  • Dragon Killer